How Our Company is Becoming More Sustainable and Ideas for Reusing Our Products

How Our Company is Becoming More Sustainable and Ideas for Reusing Our Products

As shoppers, the products we choose to buy can have an immense environmental impact. Our consumption habits and purchase decisions can easily alter the sustainability of different industries and businesses. Whether you’re a dedicated eco-warrior or just starting to learn about sustainable practices, taking steps towards supporting companies that are trying to stay green can be extremely rewarding! In this blog post, we will talk about how we as a company are trying to be more sustainable and give our clients ideas on how to re purpose once they are finished using our products. 

At our company, sustainability is at the forefront of our mission. We believe in creating products that have minimal environmental impact while still delivering quality results. To do this, we use eco-friendly and biodegradable shipping and packing bags.

As for our towels, did you know you can keep old towels out of landfill for as long as possible by repurposing them for other uses? For instance, towels can be cut into smaller pieces to use as cleaning cloths – perfect when you want something absorbent but don’t want to buy new cloths each time. They can also be great for blankets to make great pet beds!

Another great option other then donating to charity stores is donating old towels to animal shelters or vets as bedding, so why not contact your local shelter or vet to see if they would be able to use them.

Sheridan stores also now have a recycling collection point in every Sheridan Boutique and Outlet store? Thanks to the program, old towels of any brand can be diverted from landfill. It's a great way to recycle your unwanted towels while giving them a second life. 

At our company, sustainability is something that we take seriously. From using eco-friendly materials in production to implementing green practices in the office, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. Additionally, we want to encourage our clients to think about how they can reuse or repurpose their products once they’re done with them! While this blog post only covered a few ideas on how you can reuse your products from us once they’re finished being used, there are many more creative solutions out there just waiting to be discovered! With a little bit of thought and creativity, anything is possible! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post; together let’s strive towards a more sustainable future!