The Toxic Truth About Microfibre Towels: Your Skin Deserves Better

The Toxic Truth About Microfibre Towels: Your Skin Deserves Better

Hello to all our fit, fabulous femmes! You've heard the chatter: microfibre gym towels are the 'sweat' new thing. Super absorbent? Quick to dry? Lightweight? You bet. But, there's a hefty price tag on this new trend and no, we're not talking dollars. We're chatting about the microplastics!

Yes, ladies, each time these synthetic sweat-soppers hit the wash, they're shedding microplastics that slink their way into our oceans, causing a workout of woes for marine life. Meanwhile, good ol' cotton towels, they've been the silent supporters, patiently waiting for their resurgence on the locker room bench.

Guess what? It’s time for a towel-turnaround! Cotton gym towels don't just sweat the small stuff. These natural warriors are the MVPs in the fight against microfibre pollution, keeping our bodies and our environment in shape. Plus, they’re pretty good at wiping off a brow-bead or two.

So next time you grab your gym gear, remember, cotton is the real winner here, not just for the planet but also for you. Why not step up your towel game and choose the ELN Collective’s plush, super absorbent cotton gym towels? Not only will you be helping Mother Earth, but you'll be sporting the hottest, most eco-conscious accessory in the locker room! 

mic drop!